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FREEDOM, NH   03836
Wednesday May 05, 2021 11:26 PM
Customer Services
Dog Licensing

Enter one dog tag and all your dogs will come up for your review, renewal, and payment. Outdated rabies certificates are identified and options to update documents from your Veterinarian. You can remove a dog if you no longer have him/her.
E-Reg - Motor Vehicle Registration

Payment is accepted via e-check. Your Checking Account information will be requested to complete the transaction. Enter one of your vehicles and all your vehicles will come up for you to renew online with EB2Gov. Remove any that you no longer have. Your registrations and stickers will be issued by your Municipal agent and sent to you in the US Mail.
Vital Record Request

Certified certificates for birth, death, divorce, and marriage licenses can be requested online. Performed by your town office and sent to you with a variety of shipping options.